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Roof Construction

New roofs

Sometimes it's more cost effective to fit a new roof. For more information and to arrange a quote, speak to the specialists at New Style Roofing in Southampton.

Pitched and flat roof specialists

Close up of roof tiles
Roof Tiles

Get rid of your
old roof

Replacing your old roof might sound like a big job, however it could end up saving you more money on repairs in the long run. At New Style Roofing, we can deal with every last detail right down to the chimney and pointing to ensure that your new roof will stand up to the best of the British weather. Speak to our team in Southampton and we'll send someone out to take a look.

Fixing the Roof
Roofer carrying out repairs

Just ask our

Our roofers have been in this business for a long time, which means we can guide you through the process. We'll let you know if any reinforcements are needed and can talk to you about tiles if you'd like it match the adjoining property. We can even take care of your guttering at the same time, so that everything's sorted. Don't wait until the weather gets bad. Speak to our team in Southampton.

Roofs of houses on an estate
Pitched roof with windows

Pitched or
flat roof?

This will generally depend on the type of roof you already have, unless you're adding an extension. A pitched roof offers better protection against the elements, although it will cost more. Flat roofs tend to be cheaper, although water will sit on them and could eventually cause a problem. There are pros and cons to every type of roof, but we can help you make the best choice for your property and your budget.

New build home roof

Need a new roof? You need New Style

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